Advanced Analytics

Applying Powerful Insight & Innovation to gain the Competitive Edge

High-performing companies often seem like they have an innate ability to make timely & strategic decisions based on a vast array of detailed information. However, many have simply realised the inherent value locked within their existing data environments & created a culture based on applying analytics to guide them toward making smarter choices.
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The team at Analytics in Motion provide a comprehensive suite of Analytical Services specifically designed to empower organisations with the right information at the right time in order to optimise the decision-making process.

Our services focus on utilising analytics to offer valuable insight into both the internal workings & external factors facing an organisation. This includes solving existing business issues, enhancing current processes, locating potential opportunities & helping embed an analytical framework into your business.
"We believe the ability to deliver better, faster, smarter outcomes is the true value of analytics."
- Analytics in Motion Chief Data Scientist -

Advanced Analytics Services

Today's global work environment demands that companies build and maintain an intelligent business strategy to achieve its goals more efficiently & effectively through resource optimisation. Analytics plays a key role in determining the right strategies that improve efficiency and create synergy between an organisation's people, processes and technological infrastructure.
Probability distributions, integration and conditional probability

Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences

Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
Utilising a combination of sophisticated analytical methodologies - Regression, Clustering, Optimisation & Machine Learning our team can provide deep insights into past trends, run forecasts to make calculated predictions of future outcomes & advise on actions to optimise future results.
Analysis identifying a particular trend occurring in early July

Data Discovery & Management

Understanding the data journey from the cradle to the grave
A comprehensive & systematic review of an organisation’s data journey from its original source & format all the way through to its retention & storage. This service is designed to give business confidence that the data they use for decision-making is clean, accurate, valid & maintained appropriately.
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Business Intelligence

Deliver actionable insights to your business users
We work with a variety of existing Business Intelligence Platforms to ensure your users have access to the right information to support better decision making. Our service extends to the creation of standardised reports, ad-hoc queries, real-time interactive dashboards & various system automation.
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Building an Analytics Function

Create & maintain a successful analytics function in your business
Involves the planning & implementation of an analytics function (either new or existing) within an organisation. It covers all facets such as creating the right structure that fits the company’s actual needs, role definitions, skillset requirements & hiring, plus internal cultural & change management to increase acceptance & adoption within the business.

Our Services - The Four Pillars

We take pride in the way we conduct our business, focusing on engaging collaboratively with organisations across many industries, sectors and countries. These are known as our 'Four Pillars' and are contained below.

Target Market

We work with a wide variety of clients in the private sector & not-for-profits in addition to those in public agencies and government departments.


We actively partner with our clients, encouraging close collaboration, trust and engagement as the basis for a successful long term relationship.

Industry Focus

Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs across industries such as: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, & Technology.

Global Reach

Our operations are borderless and allow us to conduct services either on-site or remotely from anywhere around the world.

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