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Our strategic & data driven approach provides innovative solutions to streamline organisational processes, enhance decision making capabilities & optimise system performance.
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The team at Analytics in Motion provide a wide variety of Business Solutions for organisations operating across a diverse range of industries & countries. All of our services are designed to optimise, enhance, improve and add value to your organisation.

Our solutions are individually customised for each of our clients after extensive preliminary and on-site consultations. This allows us to incorporate localised information to provide the most effective and targeted solutions possible.

Advisory & Consulting Services

We believe it is essential that all aspect of an organisation’s activity clearly align with its vision, purpose & strategic goals. This drives the way we work. As a result, our services are focused on developing & implementing strategies that improve efficiency & create synergies between an organisation’s people, processes and systems.
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Business Transformation Services - Review, Strategise, Action
In order to sustain a proactive business environment it is important to regularly review all aspects of your business. Our Advisory team can facilitate this process by conducting an on-site Organisational Review. This provide an independent assessment of the company’s current position. Following the review, we work with the business to formulate a comprehensive strategy across the short, medium and long terms. This aims to set direction, consolidate strengths, improve inefficiencies, fix gaps and capitalise on potential opportunities. The final stage involves turning strategy into action - planning, implementing & creating lasting change throughout the business.
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Workforce Management - Empowering your People
Organisations continually face the challenge of increasing productivity with the same or in some case less resources. Maintaining the right operating model is imperative for organisations to quickly adapt to changes and make effective use of their resources. Our Workforce Management program encompasses a wide range of services designed to empower your people, reduce internal red tape & ultimately increase employee productivity. These services include reviewing the organisational structure, department & team composition; creating clearly defined job roles, training & career development pathways; developing skills and RACI Matrices.
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Process Excellence - Capture, Analyse, Optimise
Business Process Management plays an important role for any company operating in a competitive and fast paced business environment. It is a highly strategic process to plan, analyse and modify a series of steps, actions or beliefs within an organisation to achieve a particular goal. This is not an easy task for organisations that have deeply embedded processes, systems and culture. Effective change management is not just about adjusting processes, but ultimately about changing how people work and behave. Our team of change agents can review the effectiveness of your current business methodologies, identify process improvement opportunities & assist in designing successful implementation strategies.
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Business Development - Finding an Optimal Growth Pathway
Analytics in Motion’s business development area specialises in designing & reviewing strategic growth opportunities, both internally & externally, that create long-term value for an organisation. This includes various approaches to attract new customers or retain existing ones; review the benefits of diversifying into additional or complimentary markets & seeking mutually beneficial partnerships or non-organic growth prospects. We assess the value proposition of any opportunities that require investment through the creation of business cases. These will typically include Return on Investment (ROI) models and a cost/benefit analysis to ensure an accurate representation of the risk/return profile.
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Business & Technology Procurement - EOI, RFI, RFQ, RFP, RFT (ERRRR)
Selecting the right infrastructure is a crucial decision for most organisations. An optimal system architecture provides a powerful platform to streamline an organisation's processes, promote innovation and enhance staff efficiency. However, matching the right systems or technology to the right organisational environment can be incredibly difficult. Our Procurement Services provide a comprehensive framework to independently assess what solution/s or vendor/s will best assist your organisation to reach its desired goals. We can also manage any Expression of Interests (EOI), Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP) & Request for Tender (RFT) processes.
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Recruitment & Placements - Temporary, Short-term & Permanent Resources
Resource & skills gaps occur in many organisations for a variety of reasons. Filling these gaps can sometimes take longer than required, especially when it requires a highly-specialised skill set or is only required for a certain period. Due to our extensive network of professionals we can provide rapid short and medium term placements to temporarily fill unexpected vacancies or skillsets, particularly in the Analytics field. For more permanent employment opportunities we can also make recommendations drawing on a range of both local and global candidates. Our differentiator is that we only recommend and place high calibre people who we have personally vetted.

Our Latest Advisory & Consulting Brochures

To learn more about our latest Advisory & Consulting offerings please download the service brochures and fact sheets by clicking the links below. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our publications.
Business Transformation Services - Accelerating performance through AI, Analytics, Automation and Agile

Our Services - The Four Pillars

We take pride in the way we conduct our business, focusing on engaging collaboratively with organisations across many industries, sectors and countries. These are known as our 'Four Pillars' and are contained below.

Target Market

We work with a wide variety of clients in the private sector & not-for-profits in addition to those in public agencies and government departments.


We actively partner with our clients, encouraging close collaboration, trust and engagement as the basis for a successful long term relationship.

Industry Focus

Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs across industries such as: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, & Technology.

Global Reach

Our operations are borderless and allow us to conduct services either on-site or remotely from anywhere around the world.

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