Cyber Intelligence

Rethinking Risk Management to combat today’s Cyber Challenges

The increasing advancement & adoption of technology such as the internet has fundamentally changed the way in which modern business is conducted. Today’s world moves faster & is more interconnected than ever before. While this has led to significant innovation and opportunities for business, it has also introduced new challenges in digital security, cybercrime & fraud.
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At Analytics in Motion, we have been assisting organisations around the world to reduce their risk exposure, minimise reputational damage & limit financial loss while protecting valuable business assets from a variety of technological threats.

Applying our Adoptive Intelligence Framework, we can provide a comprehensive assessment of your current risk levels & threat readiness, promote organisational agility to proactively identify new threats & help manage potential breaches more effectively.

Cyber Intelligence Services

Effectively managing the risks associated with cyber activity is a constantly evolving challenge for organisations. Many are unaware that the threat exists until after an incident has occurred & some attacks remain undetected or dormant for a very long time. Attacks can occur against organisations of all sizes, industries and from any country.

Many organisations simply follow regulatory or compliance related guidelines to manage their risk. Unfortunately, the complex & dynamic nature of cyber threats change too rapidly for legislators to keep pace. Security via obscurity is also leaving many organisations significantly exposed.

While there is no one silver bullet, an effective strategy takes a multifaceted approach, creating multiple lines of defence across an organisation. Our approach seeks to embed a risk culture across an organisation’s people, processes and IT systems. This promotes an environment of early identification, constant vigilance & the resources to enact protocols when a threat is playing out.
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Comprehensive Health Check

Independently review and assess your current environment
Our Health Check offers a comprehensive analysis that is individually tailored to suit the unique needs of each customer. It provides an assessment & update regarding your operational, risk & technical environments with both strategic & tactical recommendations to improve performance.
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Threat Management

Take the lead in proactively reducing your risk
Our Threat Management Services are focused on building the capabilities within an organisation to enable the rapid identification of existing & emerging threats. This includes designing intelligent solutions that mitigate your risk without impacting customer experience.
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Risk & Technology Services

Ensuring the right analysis, tools & technology for your organisation
We provide a dedicated support service in relation designing business rules, investigating fraudulent behaviour & objectively assessing neural network performance. In addition, we assist organisations manage their strategic program of work & software procurement process.
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Resource Management

Building a team of risk experts
Finding excellent calibre resources with extensive risk, digital, fraud, AML, compliance & technical skills can be difficult. Our team can provide rapid short, medium & long term placements to fill unexpected vacancies or skill sets within each of these categories.

Our Latest Cyber Services Brochures

To learn more about our latest Cyber offerings please download the service brochures and fact sheets by clicking the links below. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our publications.
Fraud Consulting Services - Delivering solutions to reduce fraud losses
Data Breach Management Services - Preparation is the best defence
Health Services Cyber Brief - Managing the threat environment

Our Services - The Four Pillars

We take pride in the way we conduct our business, focusing on engaging collaboratively with organisations across many industries, sectors and countries. These are known as our 'Four Pillars' and are contained below.

Target Market

We work with a wide variety of clients in the private sector & not-for-profits in addition to those in public agencies and government departments.


We actively partner with our clients, encouraging close collaboration, trust and engagement as the basis for a successful long term relationship.

Industry Focus

Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs across industries such as: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, & Technology.

Global Reach

Our operations are borderless and allow us to conduct services either on-site or remotely from anywhere around the world.

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